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Providing the Best Information So That You Can Make an Informed Decision

Diligent and timely Investigations to provide you with the results you require.
Thorough Employment Screening to ensure that you make the best hiring decision.
Comprehensive Drug Screening to promote a drug free work place.
Comprehensive Tenant Screening to control default and damage.
National Record Searches to collect information on anyone anywhere.

BOSS is a full service investigation & employment screening company. You will find a professional firm that will exceed your expectations.

Information is the key to making good decisions. Whether you need employment screening and employment verification for new hires or employee screening for current employees or performing due diligence or attempting to locate a person, BOSS can give you the information you require. Why is our information better? Each case is handled by an experienced investigator from start to finish. Working on the entire case allows our investigators to find the most information, interpret the information, identify red flags and uncover additional queries.

Why have data processors obtain your data when you can have experienced investigators work your entire investigative / employment screening case?

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